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Here at Maidstone Aquatics we have over 20 vivarium's & terrarium's with lots of reptiles including - Bearded dragons, Yemen chameleons, Tortoises, Corn snakes, Leopard geckos & many more. Regular deliveries are key to keeping an ever changing selection with lots of variety for our customers to choose from. We have delivery's every single week from our tried and trusted wholesaler's. If you can't find what you are looking for we can try our best to order it for you.

Clean Viv's & healthy animals are what we pride ourselves on at Maidstone Aquatics & regular maintenance makes up a big part of our week. You'll often find us cleaning or feeding our reptiles but we are always on hand with any queries you might have. No question is too silly and we endeavour to help all of our customers with any problems they may have regarding their reptiles. 

We stock lots of vivarium's & terrarium's from the best manufacturers, plus everything you'll need to keep your reptiles in tip top condition. Heat lamps, Uv lights, décor, live food you name it we have it & If you are looking for something a little different we can try our best to source it for you.

Regular stock includes:


Click the links for detailed information about each species!! 






Bearded Dragons make great pets due to their calm nature and ease of keeping. Bearded Dragons love a variety of livefood including crickets & locusts, adult  Beardie's love their greenery & veggies. We usually stock bearded dragons & we have everything you need to keep yours happy & healthy including housing, heating, lighting, food & décor.

We love Tortoises at Maidstone Aquatics. Usually available are Hermann's, or Horsefields tortoises, other species are often available to order. Tortoise table or vivarium? we have both in stock & can help you decide which set up is best for your tortoise's needs. We stock plenty of dried foods to make sure your tortoise gets the best diet. All of our Tortoises come pre microchipped & with matching paperwork if the species requires it. Tortoises start from £135.

Bearded dragons

From Tarantulas to Praying Mantis, and Scorpions. We keep a small selection of Inverts here at the shop to suit most people. We have a range of terrarium's and equipment in stock for keeping your Inverts healthy & happy. Full set ups ready to take away.

We stock several species of snakes including -Corn snakes, Royal Pythons, Common Boas & others subject to being obtainable. We have a full range of frozen mice & rats so you be sure that your snake gets the right size food & a good diet. Everything you need to house your snake comfortably is kept in stock & advice is always on hand.  

Spiders & Inverts
Did you know?

It’s estimated that there are more than 10,000 species of Reptile on the planet, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Vivarium's & equipment 

Here at Maidstone Aquatics we stock lots of vivarium's & terrarium's from the best suppliers. Vivarium's can be ordered to your requirements. We carry everything you'll need to kit out your reptiles enclosure, heat lamps, uvb bulbs, thermostats & heat mats. Lots of dried foods & supplements to keep reptiles healthy. We have a great range of artificial plants & ornaments to make your viv look closer to nature. 


Livefood is a must for most reptile keepers. We have our livefood delivered fresh *every Friday*. You can usually expect to find - 3rd brown crickets, standard silent brown crickets, mealworms, morioworms, waxworms, earthworms, 3rd hoppers, 4th hoppers, 5th hoppers & adult locust. Other sizes & bulk bags are available on request as are fruit flies, caliworms , dubia roaches & springtails.  


Bearded Dragon
Yemen Chameleon
Sulcata Tortoise

Livefood Tubs

£2.99 each or

4 for £11

Brown Cricket

*Delivered fresh every Friday*

Reptiles for sale



ReptiHabitat kits at great prices!!

frog kit blue.jpg
cham kit blue.jpg
leo kit blue.jpg
beardie kit blue.jpg
snake kit blue11111.jpg

 Complete ready built vivarium's with or without full set-ups  


Monkfield Vivarium

3ft vivarium full set up £315 
4ft vivarium full set up £350

Monkfield Vivarium
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