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Here at Maidstone aquatics we stock a few  unusual Coldwater fish when available, including - Rainbow Shiners, Hong Kong plecos & weather loaches. 

Goldfish & Shubunkins are always available in a variety of sizes. Great for aquariums & ponds alike. They are super hardy and make great starter fish. Goldfish aren't fussy eaters and love flakes, bloodworms & pellets. They can grow up to 12"-15" so making sure you have a suitable home for them is essential. It is a common misconception that Goldfish will only grow as big as their environment. We stock everything needed to keep your Goldfish happy & healthy.

Goldfish & Shubunkins
Other Coldwater fish

White Cloud Mountain Minnows, are a great choice for the Coldwater aquarium. They are a small shoaling fish which can display great colours. They are very calm and docile making them ideal for a mixed species tank. Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows are a popular colour variant. Being omnivorous they like to feed on a variety of foods like flakes & bloodworm.


Fancy goldfish make great pets as they are relatively easy to care for. Peaceful and mostly hardy making them an ideal starter fish. They come in many varieties such as Orandas, Pearlscales & Telescopes. Please bare in mind that they can grow up to 6"- 8" so a suitable size aquarium is recommended.  We always carry a great selection. Fantails love to eat lots of bloodworm and we have plenty of frozen or live for you to buy. Sinking pellets are another firm favourite and they help to eliminate swimbladder infections.

Coldwater tanks
Did you know?

Did you know that male goldfish have breeding spots?


During the breeding season males develop breeding spots on their gills called tubercles. Males can be observed chasing females around for mating. females are usually more rotund than males.



Here at Maidstone aquatics we have over 20 tanks bursting with lots of coldwater fish including - Minnows, Orandas, Weather Loach, Goldfish, Shubunkins, Ranchus & many more. Regular deliveries are key to keeping an ever changing selection with lots of variety for our customers to choose from. We have delivery's every single week from our tried and trusted wholesaler's. If you can't find what you are looking for we can try our best to order it for you.

Clean tanks & healthy fish are what we pride ourselves on at Maidstone aquatics & regular maintenance makes up a big part of our week. You'll often find us arms deep in a fish tank but we are always on hand with any queries you might have. No question is too silly and we endeavour to help all of our customers with any problems they may have regarding their fish or equipment. 

We stock lots of Coldwater Aquariums & cabinets from the best manufacturers, plus everything you'll need to keep your tank and fish in tip top condition. Pumps, filters, treatments you name it we have it. If you are looking for something a little different we can try our best to source it for you.






Fantail Goldfish
Red Cap Oranda
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