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Here at Maidstone aquatics we have 24 tanks with lots of Marine fish, corals & Inverts including - Damsels, Angelfish, Wrasses, Clownfish, Puffers, Shrimps, Crabs, SPS, soft corals, Zoas & many more. Regular deliveries are key to keeping an ever changing selection with lots of variety for our customers to choose from. We have delivery's from our tried and trusted wholesaler's on a regular basis. We hand pick a lot of our fish & corals from TMC. If you can't find what you are looking for we can try our best to order it for you.

Clean tanks & healthy fish are what we pride ourselves on at Maidstone aquatics & regular maintenance makes up a big part of our week. You'll often find us arms deep in a fish tank but we are always on hand with any queries you might have. No question is too silly and we endeavour to help all of our customers with any problems they may have regarding their fish or equipment. 

We stock plug and play Marine Aquariums & cabinets from the best manufacturers, plus everything you'll need to keep your tank and fish in tip top condition with Colombo marine being our main range. Pumps, filters, protein skimmers, salt & treatments you name it we have it. If you are looking for something a little different we can try our best to source it for you.

RO water available for only £3 per 25L & ready mixed saltwater is only £6.50 per 25L. Why not bring your containers along and we will be happy to fill them for you. If you don't have one we supply 25L jerry cans for only £8.99.

We will even carry them to your car.






Check out our latest Marine Stock List on TMC'S website.
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Tropical Marine Centre
Marine fish

Angelfish, Tangs, Damsels, Clownfish, Butterflies & many more. We stock a great selection of healthy marine fish. If you are looking for reef safe fish or something a little different for the fish only system we have something for everyone. Lots of unusual fish like Puffers & Lionfish usually available. If you cannot find something of interest we can always try and order specific fish at your request. 

From the ever popular Button Polyp to the more unusual we try and keep a varied selection of soft & hard corals for you to choose from. Plenty of good quality coral frags & well established corals always ready to take away. whether you are just starting out or are an experienced reefer we have corals for all levels, budgets and abilities.   

Goldfish & Shubunkins

Shrimps, Crabs, Starfish & Snails. Plenty of inverts are always stocked. Turbo snails, Sand Sifting Starfish & Hermit crabs are usually a feature here at the shop. A good clean-up crew are essential for keeping a tip top reef environment as they help to keep sand clean and consume unsightly algae.

Tanks & Accessories

Plug and play marine tanks ready to take away, plus everything you need to maintain the perfect marine aquarium from Columbo. Pumps, protein skimmers, test kits & auto top ups, we keep a good selection of accessories from the leading suppliers in the marine hobby. Salt and many additives in stock to help maintain a healthy tank.

Did you know?

There are 28 different species of clownfish that inhabit Indian and Pacific oceans, Red Sea and Australian Great Barrier Reef.

Water container
Yellow Tang
Water Testing

We offer all of our customers free water testing, its part of the great service we provide. whether you have Nitrate issues or a Ph. value that's gone amiss we can test your water to find out the problem then advise you on how to make it good again. 

Marine fish
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