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Here at Maidstone Aquatics, we have 2 large aviaries with lots of bird's including - Budgie's, Canary's, and Finches. 

We stock everything you need for your bird. A range of small & large cages are kept in stock with many more to order if you can't find the right cage for you. Bird seeds and treats from £1.50 with the usual special budgie, parakeet mix, foreign finch & fruity parrot mix. A good range of toys to keep your birds entertained & happy are always in stock. Supplements and cleaning supplies are must for healthy birds, that's why we stock vitamins, supplements, cage cleaners, & mite sprays.







Did you know?

Did you know that Cockatiels can lay up to six eggs?


Both the male and female will take turns to incubate the eggs for 21 days. Incubation usually starts after the second egg is laid, and when they hatch, each egg will do so 1 day apart from the last. 

The parents will feed the chicks day and night for up to 10 weeks until they are feeding independently. Chicks usually leave the nest box around 5/6 weeks of age. 

Click the links for detailed information about each species!! 

Budgies have always been a favourite among bird keepers. They are easy to keep and breed. We usually have a good selection of both male and female budgies in a variety of colours from £40. We have a range of cages suitable for budgies and keep a good stock of toys to keep them entertained. 1.5kg budgie seed only £3.99. 

We usually stock lots of canary's including yellow, green, red factor, mosaic & more. Plenty of cages available along with nesting pans & accessories to keep your canary's happy and healthy.

Zerbra finches & Bengalese finches are usually in stock from £27.50 a pair. Gouldian finches are stocked when available and other species can often be sourced for you should you require them. Seed for foreign finches always in stock £3.99 for 1.5kg bags. 


We have cages in various sizes and styles. Whether you need a cage for your Parrot or budgie I'm sure we can help you to find what's right for you. Our range of cages start from £29.99 and all cages come complete with perches and feeding bowls. Some cages have removable trays for ease of cleaning. Stands are available for a lot of the cages we stock for a small cost.

Food & Accessories

We stock food mixes for most species of cage and aviary bird. Plenty of bird toys and treats. Nest boxes, nest pans, bird sand, perch covers, cuttlefish, seed/water feeders & much, much more. If you love birds as much as we do then why not pay us a visit, you won't be disappointed. 

Zebra Finches

Outside Aviary 


Bird seed

Quality seed mixes 

1.5kg Seed mixes available

for only £4.25 a bag

Budgie, Canary, Foreign Finch, Parakeet

& Parrot 1kg

Bird Toys

Bird Toys


 Lots of bird cages in stock ready to take away !!!


Liberta georgia cage


Rainforest caracus cage

Fun Orlando

Fun Orlando


Liberta siam cage


Liberta lotus cage

San Felipe

Rainforest san felipe cage

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