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Here at Maidstone Aquatics we have 12 outdoor tanks with lots of quality Koi and pond fish. Japanese and Israeli koi are stocked from 2-3" up to 16" when available. Goldfish, Shubunkins, Orfe, Rudd & sturgeon are a usual feature of our stock. Regular deliveries are key to keeping an ever changing selection with lots of variety for our customers to choose from. We have delivery's every single week from our tried and trusted wholesaler's. If you can't find what you are looking for we can try our best to order it for you.

Clean ponds & healthy fish are what we pride ourselves on at Maidstone Aquatics & regular maintenance makes up a big part of our week. You'll often find us doing important maintenance on our ponds but we are always on hand with any queries you might have. No question is too silly and we endeavour to help all of our customers with any problems they may have regarding their fish or equipment. 

We stock lots of Pumps, box & canister filters, uv's, air pumps & liners from the best manufacturers, plus everything you'll need to keep your pond and fish in tip top condition.  If you are looking for something a little different we can try our best to source it for you.






Japanese/Israeli Koi


Did you know?

Did you know that koi carp can live between 25-35 years?


There are however some that live a lot longer. A 226 Year Old Koi Carp was recorded.The oldest known fish (and indeed one of the longest living vertebrate ever recorded) It was a beautiful scarlet coloured female Koi called 'Hanako' translated as 'Flower Maid'

We stock quality Japanese and Israeli koi from 3-4" up to 16". When available we also stock Butterfly Koi. Well over 200 Koi ready to view & take away. All our koi will be suitably packaged for the journey to their new homes. We stock a good range of feed for your koi. Flakes, pellets or sticks & even fishy treats.

Goldfish & Shubunkins
Goldfish & Shubunkins

Goldfish are a firm favourite for many people as they are hardy, easy to care for & can be kept in smaller ponds. We stock lots of Goldfish, Shubunkins & Yellow goldfish from 2-3" up to 5-6" in length. Lots of deals available when buying multiple fish. You wont be disappointed with our range of fishes for you to choose from all kept in well presented stock tanks.

Pipework & Fittings

Whether it's a single jubilee clip or a full pipework overhaul, we've got you covered. Lots of pipework and fittings in stock. Solvent weld fittings, gate valves, tank connectors, bottom drains & more. Struggling to find the right part? With our vast knowledge we can certainly help to solve your problem with that odd fitting or troublesome connection.

Sturgeon & sterlets have long been a favourite among pond keepers and we try to stock a good selection when we can. Long-nosed sturgeon, Gold sterlets, White tip sterlets & Diamond sturgeon to name but a few. Being bottom feeders sturgeon & sterlets require sinking foods, we have plenty for you to choose from. 


Pumps & Filters

We stock Pumps & filters from the leading brands such as - Oase, Evolution Aqua, Kockney Koi & Pond one. Fountain pumps, dry runners or filter/waterfall pumps we can cater for most applications. Lots of box filters with or without ultraviolet clarifiers, pressurised filters & much more. We have filters for every size of pond from small all in one units  to large multi bay systems.

Pond Plants

Pond plants are big feature here at the shop during the spring & summer. We carry lots of coloured 3ltr lilies (red white ,yellow & pink), marginal plants, floating plants & of course oxygenating plants too. With Hosta's, Irises, Ferns & more you're sure to find plants for ornamental and wildlife ponds alike.

Koi carp

Pond Area


Japanese Koi

5-6" Japanese Koi
£54.99, take 2 or more
for £50 each

KK-55w UV Standard-PhotoRoom.jpg
KK-15w UV Standard-PhotoRoom.jpg

Kockney Koi Algae Masters In stock. 
Prices from £73.99!!

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