Wayne, Chris & Craig would like to welcome customers old & new to Maidstone Aquatics. 

Maidstone Aquatics shop front
Pond Area
Maidstone Aquatics

Over 120 tropical tanks bursting with everything from Tetras to L-number plecos, Cichlids & many more. 

From the classic Goldfish to Fancy Fantails or Minnows. We have a great selection for you to choose from.

We have a great selection of Koi and pond fish for sale during the summer season, plus everything you need to keep a healthy pond.

Snakes, Chameleons, Bearded Dragon's, vivarium's & accessories. We've got you covered here at Maidstone aquatics. Livefood 5 for £10. 

A good selection of birds always available. Finches, canarys, budgies & more. Cages and accessories in stock too.


We have recently expanded to make our newest section of the shop the "Dog House". Here you will find all kinds of Dog toys, treats, food bowls, leads, poo bags etc.

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Check out some of our videos!!! 

Livefood Tubs

£2.75 each or

5 for £11

Brown Cricket

*Delivered fresh every Friday*